Time Flies!

Time fliesCrazy how in a blink of an eye months can just fly by and the whole world changes.

I’ve just been digesting Google’s new Mobilegeddon directive and realizing I have some work to do some of my client sites as well as my own and wouldn’t you know it, it’s been months since my last update here and elsewhere!

So I won’t go into my usual speech on how life gets in the way nor will I burden you with the random trivia in my life and work load that pulled me off course.  I’ll just say that I re-arranged my planning system (currently driven via Google Calendar) and I’ve set a course of action that will put me back on target at least until the next crisis.

So expect a few of my sites to go into the dreaded “under construction” modes while other will simply be a flurry of activity.  Blogs will be unaffected since they already are mobile-friendly but expect a healthy dose of stale-content purging.

Bit-Rot and Digital Depression

timezeroI’ve been watching “Time Zero – The Last Year of Polariod Film” on Netflix and it just pushed me deeper into the funk I’ve already been dealing with this week.

For as much as I love technology, the digital revolution and social networking I’m ever so aware that it’s a fleeting moment at best.

As I watch a digital photo (printed on a high quality inkjet photo paper) begin to drastically fade after only a few years held onto the kitchen fridge by a magnet I can only wonder if anyone will have any reminders of the past as they age? So many young families document their lives via cell phone almost never printing out archival copies.

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are certainly going strong today but will they be around in 10 or 20 years?  What will become of all the history we post?  Traditionally when a social networking provider closes down they offer a means of archival downloads but how many of us do that?  If we do what do we do with it?

Analog media from the past 200 years are still around and with careful preservation will be for some time to come.  Even ancient scrolls scrolls are still with us which were never specifically prepared for such long term archiving.  But digital media… I already have had floppy disks and CDs fail due to age and that’s in less about 30 years.

Sometimes I find it difficult to even begin a digital project just knowing that its life will be limited as new technology makes its way into the culture unable to read previous versions.  Makes me wonder what ever became of all those old Lotus 1, 2, 3 spreadsheet files businesses relied on back in the 80’s and 90’s now that Excel is the premier spreadsheet program.

So what’s the solution?  Go back to analog?  Creatively I will make a conscious effort towards analog permanence but I don’t see myself unplugging from the collective anytime soon.  I guess the only solace is know that in the digital age we all have a very good shot at having our voices heard.  Who would have ever read this entry if I had scribed it into a paper journal

Back To The Roots of Social Media

2015-01-14 21.25.51Well, maybe not the “Roots” but the lower part of the tree.  For me social media started in the late 80’s with the world of non-Internet based 300-Baud bulletin board systems.  Being telephone based the costs of long distance really kept the community small and localized.  Once the Internet was invented by Al Gore a whole new world opened up and that initial excitement is something that I won’t soon forget.

Unfortunately much of that early generation has left the scene as back then the cost was still a factor which drove the average age up to the point where many never kept up with the new technology of today.  Which leaves me in that awkward state of being one of the older people in my various social circles.

But lucky for me I’m at a stage in my life where I’m not driven by the desire to cash in on this ether based world, I just want to have fun.  So in that vein, poor grammar, pathetic writing and all, here I am! I’ve dusted off my old podcasting gear and vlogging camera and I’m just going to see where it takes me.

To my surprise I’ve already brought a vape (e-cigarette) YouTube and Twitter account online with some promising traction.  I’ve since been off of cigarettes (4-months now) so I do have motivation to keep it going.

As you’ve seen I’ve already brought some podcasting over to this site and good old fashioned vlogging back to my original YouTube channel.

I really don’t expect the podcast and vlog to achieve any real level of popularity but you know what, I’m gonna have one hell of a time playing around with them.  In the end, isn’t that really all that matters?


PodCast 001 – Wendy’s Gets it Right!

2015-01-06 12.13.46I could have went anywhere for lunch and more than likely I would have received just what I expected from each vendor, but that’s the easy part… it’s what happens after things go wrong that count.  In this audio podcast I talk briefly just how Wendy’s handled it when I was forgotten at the drive thru.

Podcast? Maybe.

This is just a test, nothing to see here folks.

If you couldn’t resist pressing the play button then I guess you have an idea about what I’m up to.  Perhaps you’d like to get a little background by peeking at my YouTube vLog entry?

As usual, the new year makes me think of areas I’d like to focus on and as always it involves social media.  Personally I think I did a fairly good job in 2014 but I’m never satisfied and always want to raise the bar just a bit more.

Happy New Year!

One Down, Just One To Go!

wishboneWell, that wasn’t too bad.  Usually when there’s a disruption in my schedule (like from a holiday) I’m in total disarray.  But this time I just set aside my “fun” and manned up to take care of business.  Sure, I’m absolutely miserable but do feel good about getting things done.

A strange phenomena does seem to happen when I get into a productive zone… more work seems to come my way.  This isn’t really a bad thing when it comes in the form of new clients but it does make me a bit anxious to get my fun time in as well.

Guess I just have to keep looking on the bright side.. the more business the more fun I can afford to have!  Well.. like that ever happens, I’ll end up doing the adult thing and re-invest.  Oh well.. there’s always retirement.

Arrgh.. Exploding Head!

docsThe Gods are conspiring against me!  All geared up for a productive weekend, things were looking good.. felt a little congested on Friday but nothing to really raise suspicions then by Friday night it started… Throbbing head, stuffy you know what I’m talking about.

Well to make a long story short by Sunday I was in absolute misery.  It progressed from the throbbing eyeballs and jaw to the ice-pick in the ear.  Luckily in occured to me that my doctor was affiliated with the local ProHealth Express Care clinic..  at first I hemmed an hawwed about it.. never having been to this clinic before I envisioned long waits and a room full of sick people.  To my surprise, I was greeted with borg-like efficiancy.  Within 5-minutes my insurance information was logged and I was checked in.  Minutes after sitting in the waiting room a nurse pulled me in and took vitals… shortly thereafter doc took me in.. flushed my head out and in less than an hour I was out the door with prescription in hand.

At first I was a bit disappointed, expecting to get some antibiotics but it was quickly explained to me that I don’t currently have an infection and by my own account of the timeline there simply wasn’t enough time for infection to manifest.  Instead I was given a corticosteroid that gave me near immediate relief!

It’s been 2-days since I started the treatment and though I can’t say I’m 100% better my symptoms are down to a minor annoyance.

With any luck I’ll have a “normal” day at work tomorrow and really get back on track.

Fall Back… And Crash!

Fall backFamily issues, Halloween, Elections, Falling back to Eastern Standard Time and CRASH!

The pots been simmering for a while, adding a few ingredients here and there and next thing you know the lid is bubbling off the pot.  That’s pretty much how my life’s been since my last update here.  I’m not exactly sure what happened but after setting the clock back to Eastern Standard Time it seems that I just can’t catch up on sleep.  This is very odd since normally one would have the perception of gaining an extra hour.. or at least that’s how it has historically worked for me.

In the coming week I have a few unblogable items of a personal nature to deal with, once they are behind me I hope to snap back on course.  Really wish I could discuss them here.. or anywhere for that matter but it’s just one of those things, you know how that is, right?

On the positive side I’m wrapping up a client project just in time to entertain a new one and I’ve been tobacco free for well over a month now… and I mean TOTALLY tobacco free, not even a cigar. Of course I’ve been vaping like a mad man but that’s infinitely better than analog cigarettes.

Sucked into The Sims 4

My addictive personality gets the best of me again.. I avoided purchasing The Sims 4 on its release date because pas experiences with The Sims 1, 2, 3 (not to mention the rest of the franchise) has had me glued for 20+ hour stretches.

Compared to previous versions The Sims 4 may seem a bit lacking at first glance.  Lots and neighborhoods are smaller, fewer occupations and household furnishing choices are a bit sparse, but all for good reason. The AI of the game is vastly improved.  It is now reasonably safe to leave your Sims unattended and trust the autonomy mechanics to take care of things,  actually I sometimes think it runs better than if I manually controlled them!

Building has been simplified, you can now save complete rooms or lots with ease as well as import them from the online gallery.  There is no shortage of user created designs and with time, we’ll quickly see user generated clothes and objects flowing as well.

As typical with this series I’m sure a number of add-ons will be introduced expanding the capabilities and continuing to keep us addicted.