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Paul Monaco has been a pioneer in social media long before it was a catch phrase. In the early 80’s he established PEN – the Program Exchange Network and operated a BBS system at 1200 Baud. Today, he consults in the areas of media and technology.


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Entertaining Crazy Ideas


50-Years on this planet and wouldn't you know it, slapped in the face with a mid-life crisis and ready to enter the last half of the century with some new challenges.  I'm in a position now where money isn't as much of a motivator as making a difference.  Now don't get the idea that I'm some sort of liberal sap!  Sure there's a few causes I could really get behind like animal welfare and helping a new generation get on board with technology but I would be equally excited to see a small business flourish or start-up launch new products and ideas.


So, got something crazy in your head?  Don't be shy, let's connect and see where it goes!.


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