Getting a Grip on Glucose

FreeStyle LiteIt’s about that time.  I’ve been diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes for a few years now.  At first it seemed very easy to manage but as time went on it sort of spiraled out of control.

It was easy to ignore as I’ve never had any real symptoms but I can feel them creeping in.   My extremities feel cold, numbness, digestive problems and other random sensations that may or may not be directly related.

With the mid-century point creeping up quickly I’ve had a bit of an awakening and decided to put my all into it again.  My first step is to actively monitor myself.  This is something I’ve gotten away from for a while.  At first it was the expense.  The cost of test strips is ridiculous. About 50-cents per test.. multiply that by 5+ times a day and you can see it quickly adds up.  But I bit the bullet, shopped Amazon for a good deal and I’m back on track.

I have to admit, I do find that just by testing regularly I make myself more aware of just how much diet and activity effects my levels.  At this stage I’m just gathering data on how my body responds and as I gather this data I will begin making adjustments.

Originally my doctor gave me specific insulin dosages to use, but now he’s given me liberty to adjust it as long as I keep close tabs on my levels.  I feel I’ve already made some improvements and keep you posted.  Not because I think any of you really care but just to give myself some accountability.

Let’s Vlog


Well this really made my day.  I just found out that Let’s Vlog is alive an well!

I was a member of this awesome video blogging site a while back which had closed shortly after I joined.  I really enjoyed it but wasn’t on long enough to fully immerse myself.

I ran into the sites founder on Facebook where I heard the great news that it’s back and immediately re-joined.

If you remember the old school days of YouTube back when people actually did Vlog and it wasn’t full of trolls then that’s exactly what you get at Let’s Vlog.  The community is very tight nit and treats each other with great respect.  Content is mostly “face in camera” vlogging with a few surprises sprinkled throughout.

If this type of venue appeals to you I strongly urge you give it a try.  Hope to see you there!


Back Again?

Round and round it goes…. well you know the rest.  Social media seems to have jumped the shark (again) so time to dust off my old fashioned www’s and park on my little corner of the Interwebs.

Some of you may already have stumbled into, the home of my web design work which is fairly baron as  a steady flow of clients come to be by simply doing good honest work and letting the word of mouth spread.  I will eventually get that site polished, after all it is what I “do” LOL.

Also kicking about it where I am consolidating my home DIY, experimental, hobby, project, maker sort of stuff. My latest project ideas revolve around a newly acquired 3D printer which I haven’t been able to fully sink my teeth into yet…  life has randomly been buys past few weeks but I’ll be back at it soon enough.

Oh yea.. what’s this site for?  How about a good old fashioned personal blog touching upon whatever draws my attention that wouldn’t be better posted elsewhere?  Thought you’d like that.

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